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  • Your first office visit will typically last a couple hours. We recommend that you set aside two and a half hours of your time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Upon arrival, the registration process will take a few minutes.

  • Next you will have a detailed consultation with your doctor that will last about 90 minutes. The detailed medical history form that you filled out prior to your visit will be reviewed with you during this time. Your main health concerns will be discussed at length, giving you ample opportunity to voice your concerns and questions. If you have recent laboratory results or test results from other practitioners that pertain to the visit, please be sure to make a copy for yourself and another set for us to retain in your chart. Any prescription medications and nutritional supplements you are taking are also accounted for as we develop your treatment plan. Please bring them to the visit or make a detailed list.

  • Before the end of your visit, your doctor will give you a written plan of treatment. Basic laboratory testing, urinalysis, and some specialized laboratory testing may be recommended.  Most patients are offered an initial protocol consisting of nutritional supplementation, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations.


  • A follow-up visit is typically scheduled 3-4 weeks after the initial visit. In the interim, the recommended testing is completed by way of in-office blood draw and/or take-home kits. Some therapies offered at the center may also be initiated. This first follow-up is a chance for you to have a comprehensive review with your doctor of the laboratory results and progress so far. Our medical team will spend one-on-one time with you to interpret your results. Together, you will explore your goals and discuss highly specified treatment plan options. These treatment plans can be implemented using multiple modalities, including medications, hormones, diet, nutritional supplements, intravenous therapy, detoxification, and behavior and lifestyle changes. Our doctors will prescribe a preventative and comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and fits into your lifestyle. Subsequent visits are made on an as needed basis.


  • Our doctor and our team at Holistic Medical Services will regularly monitor your progress and track the effectiveness of your program, making adjustments if necessary. Our goal is to support you and advise you every step of the way. We work in conjunction with your existing doctors and may refer you to specialists we work with if needed to make sure you receive the best possible care and all areas of concern are appropriately addressed and evaluated.

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