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Meet Dr. Matalone

Dr. Matalone embarked on his medical journey at the young age of 19, accumulating over four decades of experience in the ever-evolving medical landscape. Initially practicing Emergency Medicine for 11 years in various hospitals across Atlanta, he later transitioned to Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care work. It was during these years that he recognized the limitations of using only conventional-based medicine in truly healing patients. This realization led him to explore holistic approaches to healthcare.

Integrated and Natural Medicine Expertise

Graduating from medical school in 1990, Dr. Matalone brings forth 22 years of integrated and natural medical expertise. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy (A.A.O.T), showcasing his commitment to pioneering advancements in healthcare. Dr. Matalone's dedication as an early supporter of President and Founder of the A.A.O.T., Dr. Shallenberger, underscores his pioneering spirit in shaping the trajectory of Ozone therapy.

Why Choose Dr. Matalone?

  1. Holistic Approach: Dr. Matalone believes in treating the whole person, not just symptoms, by integrating conventional and natural medicine.

  2. Extensive Experience: With over 42 years of experience, Dr. Matalone is a trusted practitioner in the Atlanta area.

  3. Pioneering Spirit: As a founding member of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, Dr. Matalone has been at the forefront of groundbreaking medical knowledge.

  4. Continual Learning: Dr. Matalone regularly invests in ongoing training and research to ensure his patients receive effective care.

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