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If you’re concerned about radiation exposure increasing your chances of developing cancer, consider: one mammogram image exposes you to the same amount of radiation as 20 chest X-rays.  Results often take weeks to receive.  Waiting that long just adds more anxiety to an already-stressful situation.  It’s easy to see why so many women have ignored breast cancer screening.


What is SureTouch?

An FDA-cleared breakthrough technology, SureTouch is a safe, reliable breast examination that enables all areas of the breast to be examined while offering immediate digitized results for you and your doctor.


How does SureTouch work?

As the clinician gently moves the SureTouch hand-held sensor across the breast and underarm area, you’ll see ultra-sensitive, multi-dimensional color images instantly appear on a computer screen in real-time.  This allows you and your clinician to view the size, shape, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately.  There’s no waiting for results!


A SureTouch exam doesn’t pull or flatten your breasts.  The upper outer quadrant, where the majority of breast cancers occur, can be examined easily and without any discomfort.

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