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Optimal Nutrition & Wellness LOGO FINAL

Happy New Year from everyone at Holistic Medical Services and now officially Optimal Nutrition and 
Wellness - we hope you’re all off and running to the healthiest year to date! If you haven’t seen us in the 
past few months, we wanted to start 2019 by officially announcing the opening of our new and 
improved supplement store located within our current building. This is an exciting development as we 
want to continually expand our capacity to provide you with the most advanced practitioner grade 

Our new store (almost immediately to the right when you enter the building) is now able to encompass 
a much wider array of products in addition to our now expanding wellness section. Our goal is to provide 
you with not only the highest quality and most effective supplements, but to also support a maximum 
all-around healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year we will be adding more nutritional snacks and edibles 
as well items to make your home and office healthier. This is an expression of our team’s passion to help 
you build a healthy life not just an optimal supplement protocol.  


This month only, come by our new store (say hello to Carrie our newest team member) and give the 
discount code “OPTIMAL2019” and you’ll receive 10% off. We’re also excited to reveal our new brand 
“Optimal Formulations” which is our own custom product line we have launched. This new and 
expanded store is a very positive development as we’ve spent much of the past year preparing for this 
opportunity. The entire team looks forward to seeing you this year as we help you reach optimum 
health through nutrition! 

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