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2019 Health Lecture Series

Date: February 16th

Time: 11:00AM

Where: Optimal Store

Cost: Free

Free Snacks and Drinks

Come join us for a free health lecture on the 7 Pillars of Extraordinary Health. Darren Fink who joined our health team this past year (is a Naturopath and life coach) will be our featured speaker. Darren has worked previously with Dr Matalone for over 12 years coaching patients on how to take control of their health and restore function. Come join us for snacks and drinks while you discover how to optimize the most foundational aspects of your health!

Holistic Medical Services welcomes Darren Fink

We’re officially now offering integrative health coaching in 2019! After the first few years HMS has expanded to meet the tremendous need of not only functional medical therapies but now integrative health coaching – which works to address the whole person and bring lifestyle and education to a level necessary to achieve optimal results. Darren is a Naturopath and Life Coach that has consulted thousands of clients over 18 years at Progressive Medical Center. He specializes in a truly integrative approach to healing, mind, body, and spirit. In addition to Naturopathy he attended Reformed Theological Seminary and received his certificate in Biblical Studies from (BTCP) Bible Training Center for Pastors. Darren will be providing the critical piece to the HMS model by addressing the whole person while Dr. Matalone continues to oversee the medical side of care. Get your year off to a great start and get your first appointment scheduled!        

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